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Two guys in Walmart (sample)

In Random, Script on 2010/12/22 at 11:22 pm

Tom: And what’s this about him being “so poignant and understanding”? Poignant? Is this a fucking joke? I mean-

Marcus: Listen, forget her. Alright? Let’s get out today and grab some fucking tail.

Tom: Marcus, don’t be a douche.

Marcus: A douche? Listen. Who are you angry at, your friend Marc or that fucking bitch Laura?

Tom: That fuck– Laura.

Marcus: Then what the hell are you going on about?! Don’t you want to get even? There’s only a win-win situation here.

Tom: Uh, Marcus…

Marcus: There are THOUSANDS of women at campus, not to mention the pubs nearby or nightclubs for that matter…

Tom: Marc…

Marcus: …then there’s that new place that opened up in New Haven, if you want them intellectual, and – let’s face it – icecold.


Marcus: What? Why are you standing like that-

Tom: Look ahead for Christ’s sake!

Marcus turns around and sees two armed men by the cash-register. He ducks down simultaneously with Tom.

Marcus: Jesus-fucking-Christ!

– – –