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always ’bout this guy

In TV on 2011/06/06 at 9:48 pm

You can’t get enough of him. Well, I can’t. Either it’s Seinfeld’s writing or Alexander’s portrayal of him. Or both. Definetely both. Here are some quotes from character George Constanza, first seen in TV series Seinfeld (1990-1998):

George Costanza
I have a bad feeling that whenever a lesbian looks at me they think “That’s why I’m not a heterosexual.”

George Costanza
 I lie every second of the day. My whole life is a sham.

George Costanza
I’ve driven women to lesbianism before but never to a mental institution.

You know it’s a very interesting situation. Here you have a job that can help you get girls. But you also have a relationship. But if you try to get rid of the relationship so you can get girls, you lose the job. You see the irony?

George Costanza
Yeah, yeah, I see the irony.

Only one I don’t like from this clip is the second last one of the scenes. It’s like we’re getting too much George there. The last one kills me though. Here’s one for Elaine as well, and probably the best kind of tribute to her, really.


In TV on 2011/03/17 at 11:19 pm

Awakening (but wanting to go to sleep first)

In TV on 2010/09/24 at 12:10 am

Okey, I need to update more regularly. I’ve thought about it, and ended up with this decision: one post every day. (UPDATE: every other day. every day is ridiculous man, my life isn’t THAT interesting.) And no sloppy posts either. Every one counts, meaning this one as well. And thus, I shall leave you with this illogical yet indeniably true fact: George Constanza is the most unlikable likable character TV has ever brought.

George: "I feel like an out-of-work porn star..."

You got it George.