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satisfied but coughing hysterically all the way through

In Director, Film, Life on 2011/09/29 at 8:34 pm

Wow, it should be illegal to be this tired, seriously. I’m suffering from a severely inhibiting disease (also called a cold) and it doesn’t help that it arrives at the worst time possible, having planned a trip to see my friends this week-end (and saying goodbye! the anxiety!) combined with the fact that I’m celebrating my brother’s last days tomorrow with a party-disco-spectacle all night. Hey, why am I complaining again? Anyway – long time no talk! Haven’t been updating recently due to campus life, studies, and well, campus life. But over to more interesting trivia; the number of films seen lately have been rather few but those worth mentioning have been Kevin Smith‘s Dogma, Spike Lee‘s Do The Right Thing and Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris. Obviously the last two were at a higher level cinematically but all films were good watches nevertheless. Smith’s films I’d been skeptical to previously, not being convinced of his dialogue ‘ingenuity’ which everyone seemed to be raving about. I came to the conclusion after watching ‘Dogma’ that the guy does inhabit some skill but that I need to see more in order to give a broader opinion, basically. The movie itself was shameless entertainment however (you know those films you’re kinda ashamed of describing as ‘good’, instead referring them as ‘charming’) and definetely one I will see again.

Lee’s Do The Right Thing is easily depicted with one word – INSPIRING – and in so many aspects. Firstly, the dialogue. Eat your heart out, Kevin Smith. Second, the cinematic outlook. Just look at the imagery, the angles he uses, the shots that he takes (of which so many were unnecessary but only improved the film rather than impairing it). Lastly the direction, which is strange since I’d previously seen 25th Hour (not getting the hype at all there) and Inside Man (consisting of  a good storyline but lacking in punch, so to speak) so I’m still finding this guy rather uneven. Does he end up with those who debuted strong and faded slowly away, in their direction I mean? Time will tell, but then again, a lot of time has passed.

And then there’s Woody. I’ve already explained my love-hate-relationship before with this guy (loving his talent hating his…other…talents) but with ‘Midnight in Paris’ one can only nod in approval. Here’s a movie you can call charming and not feel bad about it. Story-wise, acting-wise, direction-wise (feels like I’m making up words here but I blame the fever) were all in high form and consummately realized. I even think I can leave at that and end it with a future goal for now: insert more photos into this cyberdiary of mine to give visuals of what’s been occuping my time in the past and present. I’m adding soon to that equation as well.

Hype of the week: Midnight in Paris

In Actor, Director, Film on 2011/05/30 at 9:10 pm

Film: Midnight in Paris
Director: Woody Allen

“Woody Allen has made a wonderful new picture, “Midnight in Paris,” and it’s his best, most enjoyable work in years.” (LA TimesThis is what the buzz has been about these last couple of weeks, especially with the film kicking off in Cannes.

I have to say, I haven’t always been rooting for Woody. I officially became a convert after Match Point, but by then I hadn’t even seen Allen in his glory days with ManhattanAnnie Hall and Hannah and her Sisters and honestly haven’t still. I know, don’t kill me. But after seeing Scarlett prance around with Rhys Meyers in London and with Hall, Cruz and Bardem in Barcelona I simply couldn’t help myself of liking these films, on the verge of loving them. So after just glimpses of his latest work and all of the critical praise I’d been so eager to see what everyone was talking about but also to once more be engulfed in a city (or country) I never seemed to get tired of. The film is certainly also many actor’s comeback picture: both McAdams and Wilson have had wonderful careers in the near past but slowly cooled down on everyone’s radar, at least in comparison to their previous massive successes. McAdams real comeback however must have been Sherlock Holmes last year but it’s safe to say that she’s gotten a lot more attention for her performance in this film than the other. So, what is to be expected of Allen’s latest picture? Quirky humor, bien sûr (pardon my french). Out of this world unnecessary hassels. Unlikeable likable characters. And an overall feeling of dialogue ingenuity. How do I know this already before seeing the film? Why because it’s been included in every Allen film for the past decade or so, and from what we’ve all heard by now, this latest installment might just be the greatest example of them all.